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The Specialists Development and Financial Consulting saw the light in January of 2018. The idea behind the inception of the firm is to bring in specializations in different domains and sectors was conceived years before that, due to our expertise in the field of development and knowledge of the actual need of creating a high end (BOUTIQUE) consultancy firm that caters to the public, private and international community. This small business is estimated to bring in high quality consulting services that covers a wide array of domains; research, policy design & policy briefs, assessments, data collection (qualitative & quantitative), delivery, M&E, among others. This boutique consultancy is made up of a core specialist team and project-based specialists for specific domains. From our true belief in transferring knowledge and creating a generation that is well-equipped, we have a team of interns who work with our core team. This boutique consultancy and from its true belief in gender mainstreaming and equality, and accordingly has created a well balanced management team and core team composing of both males and females. The Specialists Boutique consultancy firm started its operation in Jordan and began expanding by opening branches in Dubai and the team is currently working on potential offices in KSA, Luxembourg and Kazakhstan.  

If you require any assistance from The Specialists Boutique Development and Financial Consultancy please contact us at

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It is a long established fact that a reader

It is a long established fact that a reader .

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